Global Village, Dubai – Mini World Tour When World becomes Flat!

It’s a beautiful month of November and close to year end!  Summer is faded and autumn has come dancing. All the open-air bustle that was stranded, is back to life again. Kids enjoy their outdoor games, family and friends plan getaways, couple enjoy their walk in the park etc. However, the beauty of this season … Continue reading Global Village, Dubai – Mini World Tour When World becomes Flat!

Goa in Dubai!

It’s been five years since I have moved to the UAE. As and when I was at Bur Dubai, call it old Dubai- One of the busiest areas in town, I have passed by this restaurant called Goan Shack numerous times which is located at Ascot hotel. But I never had a chance to venture … Continue reading Goa in Dubai!

Getaway to Hatta Dam

Who doesn’t like weekend getaways? So do me. Two weeks ago, it was a long weekend in UAE in honour of martyr’s day and UAE national day.  It’s one of the most awaited off which people look forward to in the UAE. Like everyone else,   I ponder what do we do, where shall we go … Continue reading Getaway to Hatta Dam

Coffee Blossom -Aromatic

In India, coffee estates are sited along the Western Ghats amidst the misty mountain landscapes. One of the most widespread beverage, an export commodity and a main source of income to most of the planters, the dependency lies greatly on it to make a living. Coffee blossoms or the coffee flowers is one of the … Continue reading Coffee Blossom -Aromatic